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Qualities to look for when searching for a Chiropractor in Fort Collins

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Best Chiropractor Near Me

When you’re looking for a Fort Collins chiropractor, there are probably a few qualities you’re seeking which will be very hard to discover in any simple listing of professionals. For instance, you’d probably want to know that the chiropractor you choose is well qualified and experienced so that you can count on receiving highly skilled care and treatment.

You might also want to know that any chiropractor you choose has a solid academic and professional background, which are good indicators of his/her standing in the professional world. All these are good reasons for choosing Dr. Chris Gubbels of Square ONE chiropractic clinic in Fort Collins.

Dr. Gubbels is certified in each of the following disciplines:

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Biology
  • Advanced Certification in Chiropractic Biophysics
  • Traumatology Certification from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego
  • Spinal Rehabilitation from auto injuries
  • CBP Advanced Training in Scoliosis and Pediatrics Spine Correction
  • Certification in Chiropractic Wellness

If you’re trying to find the best chiropractor in Fort Collins, the credentials above should give you a pretty good idea about the qualifications of Dr. Gubbels, and about Square ONE chiropractic care in this region.

What do chiropractors do? 

Chiropractors focus on the entire body, and how all the different systems of the body work together. As opposed to traditional doctors who tend to focus on specific areas of the body, chiropractors approach wellness from the standpoint that any one area of the body which is out of whack, might very well be affecting other areas, or might be affected itself by those other systems. Whenever any kind of treatment is recommended, a chiropractor will thus consider all related areas of the body, and their inter-connectedness to the original issue.

The specialty of a chiropractor is in using their hands to manipulate areas of the spine, along with tissue, muscle, and nerves in the associated area, so as to bring about proper spinal alignment and a better general condition of health and wellness. Chiropractors have a very different training regimen than do traditional doctors, which is comprised of four years of undergraduate work, followed by four or five years of chiropractic training. They do not prescribe medicines or perform surgeries, because that is not their area of focus. Chiropractors are primarily concerned with the musculoskeletal system, and the neck pains, back pains, and headaches which are commonly associated with this broad system.

Why is it important to choose the best chiropractor? 

Since all chiropractors receive 10 years of training or more before becoming practicing professionals, you might wonder why it’s important to seek out the best one in Fort Collins, or any other area. While chiropractors do receive similar base training, some exceptional professionals are motivated to go beyond that base training, and seek to better themselves and add to their qualifications. Dr. Chris Gubbels of Square ONE is a perfect example of this, having earned numerous certifications since becoming a professional, and having earned the respect of his colleagues in doing so. You wouldn’t want to trust the care of your body to anyone who is less than the best, would you?

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