Meet The Front Office Manager and Ideal Protein Coach

Diana Roddy

She moved to Colorado from the Dallas, TX area where she was previously with Ideal Protein for almost 3yrs. She began as a patient with my Endocrinologist and was very successful with the Ideal Protein Protocol. She lost almost 67 lbs in about 10 months. That is where her love of Ideal Protein started. At that time, she was working front desk at an upright MRI office in Richardson, TX for 9 yrs. In Oct of 2017, I reached out to her Ideal Protein coach and told her she would love to be a part time coach and she brought her on. In a few months her coach was asked to go to work for Ideal Protein corporate office, which gave Diana the opportunity to begin the Best Job Ever – helping people get their Health and Lives back!


She was at one chiropractic office with about 30 patients part time and within a month she had 4 other clinics – her endocrinologist, 2 family practices, and a free-standing location now with over 150 patients that they helped lose and maintain their weight loss. Understand that the Ideal Protein Protocol is not just about losing weight; everything is about education and keeping the weight off.


In 2018 her and her husband moved to Colorado to be closer to family that had relocated to Northern Colorado.


In 2019 after the move she became my old coach’s personal assistant, who was a regional developer for Ideal Protein and had over 60 clinics in 3 states. Diana helped her with training, coaching, doing events and of course phone calls, emails and texting. She really missed coaching, though… with some other changes that were going on, she was led here to Square ONE by Ideal Protein and Dr. Gubbels. “I am So Excited to be here and this new chapter of my life! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Still help the fight against obesity and the health issues that come with it in our community.”