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Nobody should live with chronic pain in the neck or back in Fort Collins Colorado

Yet many Americans suffer year after year, unable to find lasting relief from the aches and pains, the strain and spasms, the numbness and diminishing mobility.

If you suffer from neck or back pain, you may think that pain medication is your only option. Medication only masks the symptoms. If you want to heal, you must solve the problem at its source.

What causes neck and back pain?

Poor Posture: Unfortunately, many of us live a lifestyle that leads directly to neck and back pain. We sit at desks for hours at a time, slumping in chairs, squinting at computer screens and hunching over smartphones. These unnatural postures take their toll, causing subluxations, strains, sprains, spasms and inflammation. That’s because your neck muscles have to work 10 times harder for every inch your head moves forward out of alignment. In normal posture the anterior portion of the ear will be in alignment with the shoulder. As one hunches over and forward head posture sites a loss of the normal cervical curve follows. Most upper back and mid-back pain are a result of forward head posture.

Spinal Trauma: Traumatic injuries such as whiplash or sports related compression injuries can also damage your neck and back. Both eventually lead to the same basic problems: gradual degeneration and a loss of curvature in your cervical spine. Called the cervical lordosis, this curve is essential to the health and balance of your spine, skull and neck muscles. If misalignment goes uncorrected for prolonged periods, scar tissue can begin to build up, further limiting mobility and narrowing joint space. A loss of the normal cervical curve leads to an imbalance in the normal gravitational forces that are normally evenly distributed throughout the vertebra, resulting in some areas have more stress than others. The areas with an increase in stress eventually “wear out” in what is commonly known as degeneration.

Degeneration: Degenerative Joint Disease is caused by both immobility and spinal imbalances. The joint capsules and the soft tissues surrounding the joints require motion for normal joint health. The spinal disc are about 88% water and have no blood supply so they require motion to stay hydrated. A lack of joint mobility leads to disc dehydration, degeneration, scare tissue formation, bones spurs and muscle splinting. A lack of mobility also signals receptors called nociceptors to fire pain and stress signals call nociception (or pain signals). When these signals reach the cortex of the brain you detect pain. On the other hand when your joints move properly you fire off signals called proprioception which acts to decrease pain and stress signals.

Find lasting relief.

Don’t let chronic pain dictate the terms of your life. With Square One in Fort Collins, neck pain and back pain can be addressed and corrected at the source of the problem. Instead of merely treating the symptoms, you will start to experience genuine, lasting relief – so you can live better, sleep better, work better and feel better.

When you visit Fort Collins chiropractors at Square One you will receive a detailed consultation and exam. The doctor will perform a digital postural analysis to look for spinal imbalances, range of motion test to check for immobility and any orthopedic and neurological test required. If indicated spinal x-rays will be done. The doctor will review his recommendations based on your exam findings and layout a treatment plan that best fits your needs.
Most treatment plans involve a combination of spinal adjustments along with spinal rehab and traction specific to the patient’s needs. At Square One we get you actively involved in your care doing at home spinal rehab including stretching, exercises to strengthen weakened muscles and at home traction as indicated on x-rays.

Our goal is to get you well and teach you how to keep yourself well. Any good treatment plan starts with quality consultation and evaluation from which an appropriate treatment plan can be formed.

If you have suffered or are suffering from a neck or back pain take advantage of your Body Work Sampler Package and get your initial evaluation today!