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Visiting a pregnancy chiropractor can make carrying and delivery with more comfort

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You might not immediately associate pregnancy with chiropractic care, but research points out that receiving this type of care during pregnancy is highly beneficial for the expectant mother. Women routinely experience between 24 and 39% quicker deliveries, fewer complications, far less back pain, improved milk production, and a 50% lower rate of drug use during the whole process. These benefits alone make it well worthwhile for the mother-to-be to be under the care of a skilled Fort Collins chiropractor, such as those at Square ONE.

How chiropractic care can helps with pregnancy

What most women will notice about chiropractic care during pregnancy, is that they experience much less discomfort, pain, and pressure in various areas around the body. As weight begins to accumulate in the area of the belly, that causes extra strain on the back and the spine. A skilled chiropractor knows just where to manipulate the spine to help re-align it, so as to accommodate the changes occurring in the body. Posture is improved, and much of the back pain that typically accompanies pregnancy is relieved, so the whole experience can be appreciated rather than having to suffer through it.

Here are some of the other ways that chiropractic care can be a major benefit during pregnancy:

  • relieving pain in the area of the back, neck, pelvis, or other joints
  • reducing the symptoms of nausea and vomiting
  • lower the likelihood of a cesarean delivery
  • maintaining a healthier pregnancy from start to finish
  • making delivery easier and faster
  • using significantly less drugs during pregnancy and at time of delivery.

Why choose Square ONE? 

We realize you will have other choices for chiropractic care in the Fort Collins area, but we are confident that your best choice is with the certified and skilled professionals at Square ONE. We offer many different kinds of chiropractic care, and prenatal care is one of our specialties. Our staff members have been highly trained in the methods used for relief of pain and discomfort during pregnancy, and they will be able to make yours a joy to go through instead of an ordeal.

Dr. Chris Gubbels is the founder and chief practitioner at Square ONE, and his approach to chiropractic care is the same as his approach to life in general – he wants to be the very best at what he does. That kind of competitive spirit has motivated him to constantly learn new techniques and methods of pain relief, all of which benefit the patients under his care. He has imparted this same driven attitude to other staff members, so that everyone at Square ONE is committed to the very best patient care.

You can gain a lot of confidence in any company or organization by reading customer reviews about the products or services they offer. If you read through some of the reviews written by patients of Square ONE, you’ll quickly come to see that they are highly complimentary of the services received at our facility. When you go out of your way to treat patients the right way, it always shows up in how they feel about a business. We think you’ll feel that way too, after you’ve experienced our top-notch prenatal chiropractic care.

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