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Receiving a scoliosis diagnosis can seem like a life-altering verdict. You may be anxious about the changes ahead of you. It may seem impossible to ever lead a normal life again.

But it isn’t.

A scoliosis diagnosis is not the end of life as you know it. Square One sees it as the New Beginning of a healthier and more capable you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis, what’s your next move? What should you do first? That’s easy… submit your request here for a FREE consultation today. Simply click the box to the right.

Once you’ve requested your first session, read on to find out how Square One’s newer approach to scoliosis care is superior. And discover why the treatment you receive from Dr. Chris Gubbels is better than conventional support from a traditional medical doctor.

Scoliosis Diagnosis in Fort Collins, Colorado

Great! We’re glad you’ve requested your free scoliosis evaluation. You’re already on your way to a better health outcome. Here’s why…

Scoliosis can often be diagnosed during a child’s routine physical. However, scoliosis can also be diagnosed in adults. If a doctor suspects that you have a curvature of the spine, he or she will order an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis. And once the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will consider a number of traditional approaches.

As comprehensive as traditional scoliosis care may appear, don’t you deserve a newer solution? No matter what age you are, you have options. Here’s what you need to know…

When you seek care for your scoliosis diagnosis through Square One, you’re not foregoing basic testing. And you’re not sacrificing modern treatment or specialized medical care. In fact, you’re getting better than that!

Because Dr. Chris Gubbels takes your care even further. Beyond basic testing. With added healing therapy. And enhanced individual care.

Local Fort Collins Scoliosis Treatments That Work Today

The truth is that traditional scoliosis care, including broad-spectrum physical therapy and core strengthening programs, have not proven to effectively treat scoliosis.

At Square One – your scoliosis diagnosis and treatment center in Fort Collins, CO – the fundamental principles of our treatment methods are not what worked yesterday, last week or last year. Instead, the focus is on what works for you now. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day.

The exact position of your spine is unique only to you, one-size-fits-all treatments don’t work efficiently. That’s why you need a precise approach. Your Square One chiropractic scoliosis treatment center considers the exact position of each bone in your spine – not just your spine’s general appearance.

New 3-D Scoliosis Treatment Without Surgery

If you’re looking for the latest in scoliosis treatment options and therapies in Fort Collins, Colorado, you’ve arrived at the right place. Dr. Gubbels will use newer non-invasive, non-surgical treatments to best treat the exact position of your spine.

Your individual scoliosis treatment plan is the result of working directly with leading scoliosis experts at ScoliCare in Sydney, Australia. So you’ll get the results from the absolute best and newest scoliosis treatment options available today. It’s as if science and personalized care have joined together – just for you!

Creating an entirely new approach to scoliosis care meant developing an entirely new and custom device plus therapies to help with chiropractic scoliosis treatment.

One option is the custom-fitted ScoliBrace. Advanced scoliosis conditions may require some form of bracing. And because scoliosis is a three-dimensional problem, it also requires a three-dimensional approach. At Square One, we’ll create your very own custom ScoliBrace through a three-dimensional body scan. That means your brace is specifically made for you, and you alone. Although results can vary from one patient to the next, ScoliBrace can improve the following conditions:

  • Rib humping
  • Shoulder un-leveling
  • Overall body posture

Customized Scoliosis Therapy

Imagine returning to the activities you enjoy most. Enjoy the freedom of not giving up the life you know and love. Take joy in knowing that by scheduling your first appointment today, you’ll create a better, healthier tomorrow for yourself.

Perhaps you haven’t already scheduled your FREE scoliosis consultation. That’s OK. We get it.

But don’t you get excited about the possibility of getting back the life you love? Are you ready to feel the benefits of truly individualized scoliosis care in Fort Collins, Colorado?

Then don’t wait a minute longer. Schedule your FREE consultation today. Don’t let a scoliosis diagnosis be a final verdict for you. Find out how you can start living your best life today!

Note: It’s important to understand that not all non-surgical treatment improves scoliosis. Different cases may require different treatment, and results can vary.

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