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Our shoulders do a lot more than carry the weight of the world. They are an impressive structure that includes bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. We use our shoulders in so many ways – the list is nearly endless. You’re likely using them now – either holding a smartphone while reading this or keeping them in position while you’re looking at your laptop.

Because we rely on them so much, it’s no surprise that shoulders are the most injured joint in the body. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain here in Fort Collins, know two things. First, you’re not alone. Second, Square ONE is your go-to place for treating shoulder pain.

Let’s talk about the mechanics and composition of the shoulder joint. Not only does it have the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, but also because of its unique anatomy it’s the most unstable joint.

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint and is a combination of three bones: the humerus, the clavicle, and the scapula. A group of ligaments holds the shoulder joint together. Tendons connect the muscles to the bones.

The connective tissue is most commonly injured and frequently a source of shoulder pain.

At any given time 20% of us are suffering with shoulder pain.

Types of Shoulder Pain

Here at Square ONE, our patients seek help for four basic types of shoulder pain:

  • Pediatric – generally due to growth plate injuries or overuse of tendons or the shoulder joint itself
  • Degenerative – caused by rotator cuff tears, tendon degeneration, or possibly arthritis
  • Traumatic – a result of fractures or violent rotator cuff tears
  • Post-traumatic – due to an accident (such as falling) or car crash

Since we see these types of shoulder pains, we’re equipped to look for the root cause.

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Causes of shoulder pain

There are many causes of shoulder pain. Some of the most common include:

  • Tendinitis: a result of inflamed or swollen tendons, causing pain where the muscles connect to the bones.
  • Impingement syndrome: the outer edge of the shoulder blade rubs against and/or pinches the superior rotator cuff.
  • Frozen shoulder: characterized by stiffness and decreased range of motion; this also called adhesive capsulitis.
  • Rotator cuff tear: the rotator cuff muscles are four small muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint and help with movement. Either a repetitive movement or single injury can cause the tear.
  • Torn labrum: the labrum is a cup-shaped ring of cartilage that lines the shoulder socket and serves as an attachment sight for ligaments. A torn labrum can lead to instability and creates a clicking sensation.
  • Pinched nerve: nerves exiting the cervical spine can become compressed or irritated; this causes referred or radiating pain into the shoulder and arm.
  • Arthritis: decreased joint space and bony growth leads to restriction and painful motions.

Diagnosing shoulder pain

Because we believe in a personal, thorough approach to your care, we take time to properly diagnose the cause of shoulder pain. This requires getting your detailed health history, conducting a thorough physical examination by one of Fort Collins’ most skilled healthcare providers, and performing diagnostic imaging.

Soft tissues injuries can be detected by ultrasound or MRI imaging. At Square ONE we do ultrasounds to look for soft tissue injuries and x-rays, which are preferred for visualizing alignments, arthritis, and fractures. If you’re needing an MRI, we’ll refer that to one of the area’s top providers.

Treatments for shoulder pain.

At Square ONE our medical providers offer several shoulder pain treatments for our Fort Collins patients.

This means you’ll experience the best therapeutic exercises, at-work and home ergonomic assessments, chiropractic adjustments, orthobiologics, and ultrasound-guided joint injections (if needed).

If you’re in need of an orthopedic specialist because we can’t treat you, we will refer you to a list of selective providers.

Don’t let shoulder pain stop you from enjoying all that life has to offer here in Fort Collins. Our team at Square ONE is ready to help you with your shoulder pain. Contact us today to setup an initial consultation.

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