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Loveland Colorado Chiropractor

Anyone seeking chiropractic care in the region around Loveland should make Square ONE Health their first choice. Dr. Chris Gubbels is the founder of the clinic and is also its chief practitioner, so you can be assured of receiving top-notch chiropractic care with every visit. Whether you’re simply keeping a routine appointment for general wellness, or undergoing some kind of treatment or therapy after a major injury, you can expect that each session will contribute toward your recovery or your state of well-being.

Both routine spinal adjustments and other careful manipulative care can be strong contributors to your overall sense of health and well-being, and that’s what Square ONE does better than anyone else. Almost everyone knows someone who has benefited in a major way from having chiropractic treatments, and there’s a good reason for that. Chiropractic care involves a whole-body approach, wherein all body systems are considered to be part of the whole, and each one affects the others significantly. That means anything done to one system of the body will affect all the others, and that’s what chiropractors are highly aware of, and it’s something which they take into account when treating each individual patient.

Chiropractic services offered at Square ONE

Our team can provide a number of different chiropractic services at Square ONE, and after we diagnose what kind of problems you may be having, any one of these specialties, or some combination of them, may be used to restore you to optimal health:

  • treatment for scoliosis
  • whiplash and other traumatic automobile injuries
  • sciatica treatment, usually involving pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve
  • weight loss for patients attempting to reduce
  • migraines or other persistent headaches
  • all kinds of back pain treatment, especially in the area of the lower back
  • neck pain treatments, some of which are related to migraines and headaches
  • prenatal chiropractic treatment for expectant mothers
  • pediatric treatment for youngsters who may be subject to developmental issues.

If you’ve been suffering from pain or discomfort associated with any of the areas on this list, you should contact us right away for an initial consultation. If you have a question about any kind of treatment which doesn’t appear on the list, call us anyway, and we’ll be glad to discuss with you the possibility of treatment at Square ONE.

Our modern approach

The practice of chiropractic care may be very old in itself, but our approach to delivering care is as modern as the technology we use at our clinic. We stay abreast of all the latest discoveries in the field, as well as all the most modern methods and techniques, so we can use these to deliver better care to our patients.

Any hot or trending topic in the field, such as chiropractic biophysics, will be something we pay close attention to, so we can determine if it would benefit our patients. This is how we discovered cupping, which is a new technique that helps to relax the body and improve the function of the circulatory system, while also removing harmful toxins from the body. Because we’re closely involved with such industry developments, we are always aware of any helpful new chiropractic methods.

Square ONE chiropractic services

We are confident that we can provide the best chiropractic services in the whole area around Loveland, and we’d like the chance to prove that to you. Contact us at your earliest convenience, so we can set up a consultation where we will inquire about your family’s medical history, as well as your own. Then, we’ll use all the most advanced technology to diagnose whatever kind of issue you may be having with your body.

Once we’ve pinpointed the issue, we’ll discuss with you some possible treatment options, and let you decide on the course of action you’d like to pursue. Then we’ll do everything in our power to help restore you to good health and to achieve the best possible state of wellness.