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Chiropractic care in Timnath, CO is all about whole-body wellness, and addressing any issues with your body in terms of the overall picture, not just as one isolated area. At Square ONE Health, we firmly believe that all systems of the body are interconnected, and our treatment approach reflects that belief. Rather than using drugs and surgeries to heal the body, we simply remove obstructions to wellness so that the tremendous power of the body to heal itself can be unleashed.

The spinal column does much more than simply provide support and structure to your body, since it also protects the all-important nervous system which controls literally every movement you make. Because of its critical role in body function, our Square ONE chiropractic team focuses its attention on correcting any misalignments which may have occurred, and on manipulating the muscle and tissue surrounding it, so as to restore balance to the affected area. This is why chiropractic care is very often your best choice when you have suffered some kind of injury, or when you’re simply looking to achieve a greater state of overall wellness.

Services we provide for Timnath, CO

A partial list of the services we provide is displayed below, but if you are feeling some kind of pain and discomfort not covered by the services listed, by all means contact us to discuss whatever it is that’s bothering you. Our friendly representative will be glad to setup a consultation at which we can diagnose your problem and consider some treatment options.

  • whiplash and auto injury treatment
  • prenatal chiropractic care
  • pediatric chiropractic care
  • migraines and headaches which are persistent in nature
  • sports injuries
  • whole-body maintenance and wellness
  • persistent back pains or neck pains
  • scoliosis chiropractic care
  • sciatica treatment

You would probably be amazed to learn how many problems and injuries to the body can be corrected or significantly improved by skilled chiropractic care, and that’s exactly what you will receive at Square ONE Health. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will get to the root cause of your issue and treat it, rather than simply covering up the symptoms with pain-killers and medications.

Why choose Square ONE?

The first reason you should choose our chiropractic facility is that we have the best chiropractor anywhere in the Timnath, CO area in Dr. Chris Gubbels. Dr. Gubbels learned about the effectiveness of chiropractic care at a young age when he underwent numerous treatments for a wrestling injury, but received no relief or healing from any of those procedures. Then a friend recommended chiropractic treatment and after trying it, he experienced a complete recovery in a matter of days, and was able to return to his athletic endeavors.

Since that time, Dr. Gubbels has known that he wanted to become a healer himself, and he chose chiropractic healing because he was convinced of its power to heal back in his teens. After a decade of academic learning, numerous certifications achieved, and years of experience as a professional, he is now the best chiropractic doctor in the region, and he is always prepared to help new patients discover what he did at a time when he really needed help.

You’ll also be impressed by the use of modern technology to diagnose your issue, and the willingness of caregivers to listen first before doing anything. It’s our philosophy at Square ONE that listening is the first step toward a cure, because the patient is the best source of information about any kind of injury or problem. Once we’ve listened, and used our technology to discover what the real cause of your problem is, we will always have a thorough discussion with you about possible treatment approaches. When you are well informed about the possibilities, you’ll be better able to make the best decision about what should be done. Then, together we can work toward helping you achieve your wellness goals, and restore balance to your daily life.

Customer Reviews

See What Our Customers Love About Us

Neck Pain Treatment in Timnath, CO, 80547

“I have been to chiropractors on and off for years, and the team and approach at Square One is truly unique and effective. I have experienced relief from my presenting problem (neck pain), as well as improvements in many unexpected ways - increased energy, decreased leg pain with activity, eliminated arm and finger pain, improvement with hormones, and on and on. They truly work as a team and are care about helping each client with their individual needs. Go meet with them!”

- Lisa Vencill

Back Pain Treatment in Timnath, CO, 80547

“I got into a car accident and hurt my back, I ended up going to the emergency room, having said that I received an MRI. I had a few thing going on, but they said there wasn't anything they could do for me, just fallow up with my primary doctor, I did, not much help there either. She told me I’ll need surgery some point, but wouldn’t recommend it now because I’m young. So what am I supposed to do!!??? A very wise man told me to go see Doctor Chris at square one. I can’t tell how thorough Doctor Chris is, he took his time, took a lot of X-rays and showed me on a computer program what was going on! He was the only one that believed I was jacked up. He even found some permanent damage that the ER and my doctor just dismissed! I’m on the mend and have a plan without surgery!! Thank you so much guys! Also Diana is the office manager, you’ll love her! She is so nice and will work with you on your schedule! These guys saved me from a life of pain pills and multiple surgery’s!! Thank you so very much guys!!”

- Mike D

Sciatica Care in Timnath, CO, 80547

“The staff here is amazing. Dr Chris is fantastic at what he does, and I always feel so much better after my adjustment.”

- Ashley Campbell

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Timnath, CO, 80547

“After my car accident I went to a chiropractor for almost a year and remained in horrible pain. Then, I switched to Square One. Dr Chris immediately did multiple complex testing and got to the root cause of my unresolved pain. He is very educated on the impact of trauma and how to treat it, while other places have a palliative approach. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Diana is amazing. I highly recommend Square One!”

- Sonseeahray Bury

Auto Injury Treatment in Timnath, CO, 80547

“Caring and professional! They worked with my injury and got my neck moving again!”

- Lois Hunt

Chiropractic Care in Timnath, CO, 80547

“Great experience and great staff! Was very skeptical and hesitant to see a chiropractor, but I’m already seeing the benefits. Dr. Chris and Brent have helped me greatly reduce pain in my neck and increase range of motion after just a few weeks. Diana makes you feel comfortable and welcomed from the moment you meet her....and my kids love her! Would definitely recommend.”

- Andrea T

Pediatric Care in Timnath, CO, 80547

“Very impressed. Dr Chris, Brent, Diana are great people and each is great at what they do. Helpful, thoughtful, patient. Good equipment, nice facility, and a good location. Yup! Five stars!”

- Kenneth Shepard

Posture Correction in Timnath, CO, 80547

“After a car Crash, a severe pain in my neck and the lower part of my spine, was mading impossible for Me to sleep, walk, sit, and +... Today after visiting the clinic and receiving the appropriate chirotherapy. I’m feeling much better than before.Best Chiropractic in FoCo. And a Supper Coolll Staff.Thanks Guys.”

- Patrick Lopez

Scoliosis Treatment in Timnath, CO, 80547

“I have never been to a chiropractor previously and was somewhat tepid being in my 70th year.From the moment you walk in with Diana at the front desk to Dr. Chris and his staff you are made to feel totally comfortable.Even after leaving the premises I would receive a call at home asking how I felt.Each day I am beginning to feel better and better.Thank you all”

- Harvey Gladman

Shockwave Therapy in Timnath, CO, 80547

“I was dealing with chronic back pain for a few years. After going to Square one for 3 months my back pain is gone and my quality of life has improved tremendously. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable as well.”

- Jared Bohm