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Square ONE Chiropractic Clinic has the most highly trained chiropractors in Spine Correction in Fort Collins, Colorado.

At Square ONE, we believe that helping our patients achieve the best outcomes requires us to be at our very best as well. So we continuously strive to deepen our expertise, perfect our approach and advance our capabilities at every opportunity. Being one of the best reviewed chiropractors in Fort Collins, we regularly consult with experts and specialists in key areas of care from around the world to provide the best diagnostic techniques and treatment therapies. Most importantly, we listen to and learn from every patient we work with and every challenge we help you confront. From beginning to new beginning, our goal is to constantly seek out and provide the best, most effective healing solutions that help you achieve better health for life. Dr. Chris Gubbels is known as one of the top chiropractors in Fort Collins Colorado. Read our reviews about our chiropractic clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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For Chronic Back Pain Relief, Spine Correction and Intensive Scoliosis Treatment

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Good, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Good info service to new members.
chavez dukes
chavez dukes
07:48 03 Dec 19
When it comes to Scoliosis, NOT ALL BRACES PRODUCE THE SAME RESULTS! But Dr. Chris and the bracing method he uses can get you the results you need. Dr. Chris does not shy away from explaining the weighty prognosis of this diagnosis, nor does he... shrink back from communicating with my 12 year old her power of following the treatment plan to decrease the degree of each curve for a brighter future. We are well taken care of here at Square ONE with Dr. Chris and his more
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis
17:10 30 Nov 19
Going to Square ONE is one of the best decisions I made for my back pain and neck pain. The Chiropractor listens and cares deeply about my pain issues. They even found the cause of my lower back pain was from Scoliosis related issues. I been to... other chiropractic clinics and no other chiropractor in Fort Collins told me I could have Scoliosis. Overall I've had a great experience, my back is already starting to feel better! I highly recommend trying Square more
Tyeson Anderson
Tyeson Anderson
19:48 21 Nov 19
Amazing group of people and amazing service. Thanks, Chris and staff!
Karl Hager
Karl Hager
01:12 19 Nov 19
Dr. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. Having been diagnosed with fairly severe scoliosis, I am happy to know that I’m working with the best in this area! The office is great and the staff is wonderful! Highly recommended!!
Olivia Duncan
Olivia Duncan
06:03 15 Nov 19
This is my first. Experience that helped me with my back pain . Don't doubt to join square one....
yeofer pelico
yeofer pelico
02:02 29 Oct 19

The First 3 Steps To Better Living


A New Beginning Starts Here

Upon arrival you will complete new patient intake forms to complete a thorough history of your current health condition, however many patients choose to do these prior to their initial visit online.

One-On-One Consultation

Next you will receive a one-on-one consultation and exam by a doctor, at which time they may request x-rays if necessary to determine your current health status.


Personalized Treatment Plan

Once your doctor has had a opportunity to review your exam findings along with diagnostic test he/she will discuss your health condition and your treatment options.

Best Chiropractor of Fort Collins, Colorado

People come to us for many reasons at our Square ONE chiropractor clinic in Fort Collins. Most commonly people are sick and tired of suffering with the symptoms of a problem in their spine that is never being properly corrected. They are sick of waking up with pain every day and having their hobbies limited by how they happen to feel that day. Others are missing work due to pain and symptoms, or they are becoming less productive and fear losing their job due to someone who can do the work unaffected by pain and suffering.

We have even had an entire corporation recommend that its employees seek whatever level of chiropractic treatment they might need with us, just to achieve a greater state of holistic wellness in their lives which leads to a happier and more productive workplace.

Victims of auto injuries commonly require some form of chiropractic treatment after having suffered bodily trauma, frequently in the form of whiplash of the neck or sudden impact to some other area of the body. Dr. Gubbels has taken extensive training in the identification of these injuries and proper management at Square ONE chiropractic clinic as well as co-managing with other providers in our community.

Expectant mothers come to us for prenatal care. Because the body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy, it is often necessary to adjust or re-align the posture and spine of the pregnant mother. This helps with the back pain that is so common during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers report that their current pregnancy is so much more comfortable than previous ones of what’s happening.

Even children can receive major benefits from chiropractic care. We have had countless reports from parents that see improvement in issues associated with breastfeeding, colic, sleeping issues, headaches, and respiratory issues. At Square ONE, we have established a reputation of being the best chiropractor in Fort Collins, because we can effectively manage a variety of issues, and help you to achieve your optimal state of well-being.

Back Adjustment Fort Collins Chiropractor

Chiropractic Treatments offered at Square ONE 

Our skilled staff has had experience in treating a wide variety of issues which affect the neck, shoulders, and back areas. Whatever the reason for your discomfort, we can reduce and, in many cases, completely eliminate, the pain you’re feeling in the affected area of your body. Here are some of the problem areas we’ve helped our clients get through with corrective chiropractic care:

  • Poor Posture
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica and lower back pain
  • Neck pain and upper back pain
  • Disc herniation
  • Tingling and/or numbness
  • Pinched nerves
  • Persistent headaches
  • Auto accident injuries and whiplash
  • Shoulder pain and mid-back discomfort

If you are experiencing discomfort in any of these areas, we urge you to contact us and setup an initial consultation. We would like to be your regular chiropractor in Fort Collins, CO, so we will be able to diagnose the problem, and discuss a program of treatment with you that will return you to a state of holistic wellness.

Square ONE

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From Beginning to New Beginning

The first day you walk through the doors of our clinic, it will mark the beginning of proper treatment for your body, and it will also be a new beginning for your state of wellness. From that point forward, your body will be treated as a whole entity, rather than a series of individual parts which periodically malfunction.

We understand that any issues which appear at a specific area of the body should be considered in the larger context of wellness, and should be managed accordingly. This is the kind of new beginning which will help you to face the future with confidence, and to maintain your best possible state of wellness.