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Our team of healthcare providers (Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) Certified Chiropractors, and rehab specialists) will get you back to pain-free living, without drugs and surgery.


Physical Medicine


Chiropractic Care


Physical Therapy


Neuropathy Treatment


Scoliosis Therapy


Hormone Replacement Therapy


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Review of health history and goals

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Exam and Diagnostic Test

We’ll do a physical exam and any necessary diagnostic test to determine the root cause of your health concern.

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Personalized Care Plan

Our team of healthcare providers will collaborate to create a custom care plan based on the results of your exam, diagnostic test, and your goals.

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Physical Therapy

migraine headache


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Square One Health Integrated Medical Clinic has the most highly trained doctors in Spine Correction in Fort Collins, Colorado.

As a Fort Collins Chiropractor trained in CBP®, which is Chiropractic BioPhysics, we are at another level of chiropractic care than most other chiropractors in the nation. We have gone to advanced training to really learn and study how we can help you feel and look your very best. Our training is backed by many published studies and offers some of the very best Fort Collins Chiropractic care in the area. Our advanced techniques are not found in every chiropractic office. We offer help with your posture as well as assistance with your pain.

Square One Health extends our commitment to comprehensive care beyond Spine Correction. Our integrated medical approach combines various disciplines to address your overall well-being.

Our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals collaborates to provide personalized solutions that go beyond traditional boundaries. Utilizing advanced techniques and drawing from a wealth of medical knowledge, we aim to optimize your health and enhance your quality of life. Our medically integrated services cover a wide spectrum, addressing not only specific pain concerns but also promoting natural healthcare, ensuring you receive top-notch care tailored to your individual needs.

Choose Square One Health for a truly integrated and elevated healthcare experience in Fort Collins.

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Exceptional Medical Care in Fort Collins

Experience a collaborative healthcare model where our doctors unite to craft a comprehensive and natural healthcare plan tailored to your needs.

Chiropractic Care

Scoliosis Treatment

Whiplash & Auto Injury

Neuropathy Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment

YES! WE DO TAKE insurance

If you’re uncertain about your chiropractic care coverage or unsure if we accept your insurance, let us verify it for you.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our patients.

Staff was very well mannered had a lot of patience and was concerned about my injuries very professional thank you.
I went in to Square One when I realized my injury was worsening to the point of stopping me from keeping up with my active family. I doubted Square One could do much since I had lived with my injury for at least a couple of years. In spite of my self-diagnosis and attempts to repair myself, I just wasn't healing.Square One examined me and told me my self-diagnosis was wrong! (Gasp) They told me what the real problem was and gave me a soft wave treatment. Then they asked me to do something I had been unable to do in years. I was really nervous about it because I didn't want the pain but did what they asked anyway. My pain level in one visit went from around a 6 or 7 to a 1.5! And in a few follow up visits, I am now pain free and fully living my life again. The staff and doctor is phenomenal and I 100% recommend them and thank them for giving me my life back! THANK YOU SQUARE ONE!
This place has been a game changer for my health journey and pain management. If only every doctor’s office was ran the way Square One is. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and you can tell they enjoy working there. They are transparent about all costs and all options available to you for the care plan you choose. They make you feel in control in each step of the care you receive. Dr. Cowan, Emma, Emily, Erin, Caitlin, Giselle, and Tasha make it a fun and light hearted experience each time. I’m grateful for meeting such a wonderful and caring team. Thank you!
The staff and Dr Gubble and the other Dr treated us like family. Very professional and yet interested in our opinions. Thank you for helping me with my back you guys are best
I'd like to thank everyone from the front desk to the doc! I was treated with respect and efficient service. Square One Health is a 5 star in my books.
5 star service every single visit! The staff is professional and friendly! My back pain is less and I'm able to be on my feet longer!
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Best Chiropractor of Fort Collins, Colorado

People come to us for many reasons at our Square One Health chiropractor clinic in Fort Collins. Most commonly people are sick and tired of suffering with the symptoms of a problem in their spine that is never being properly corrected. They are sick of waking up with pain every day and having their hobbies limited by how they happen to feel that day. Others are missing work due to pain and symptoms, or they are becoming less productive and fear losing their job due to someone who can do the work unaffected by pain and suffering.

People in car crashes commonly require some form of chiropractic treatment after having suffered bodily trauma, frequently in the form of whiplash of the neck or sudden impact to some other area of the body. Dr. Gubbels has taken extensive training in the identification of these injuries and proper management at Square One Health integrated medical clinic as well as co-managing with other providers in our community.

At Square One Health, we have established a reputation of being the best chiropractor in Fort Collins, because we can effectively manage a variety of issues, and help you to achieve your optimal state of well-being.

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Integrating Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) and Physical Medicine

In our clinic, we focus on alleviating your symptoms and correcting the underlying cause of your problems through our medically integrated approach. Our all-encompassing treatments such as shockwave therapy, joint injections, and hormone replacement therapy, are complemented by corrective chiropractic and physical medicine. We customize a personalized health plan exclusively for you.

Here are examples of the ailments we can assist in addressing:


 Neck Pain

 Back Pain



Auto injuries

Sports injuries




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We bring the knowledge of some of the world’s top healthcare providers to the community of Fort Collins!

Frequently asked questions

What services does the integrated medical clinic offer?

Our clinic provides a range of services, including corrective chiropractic care, physiatry, advanced treatments like laser therapy and biofeedback, and various therapeutic modalities such as physical and massage therapies.

How does the integrative medicine approach benefit patients?

The integrative medicine approach at our clinic combines various disciplines to address the whole person, promoting comprehensive well-being. This method allows for a tailored and effective treatment plan.

Is chiropractic care the only focus of the clinic?

While chiropractic care is one of our specialties, our integrated medical clinic offers a diverse range of services, incorporating advanced treatments and therapies to address a variety of health concerns.

How does the personalized health plan work?

Our healthcare professionals collaborate to design a personalized health plan based on your individual needs and health goals. This plan may include a combination of treatments and therapies to optimize your well-being.

Do you accept insurance, and how can I verify coverage for chiropractic care?

Yes, we accept insurance. If you’re uncertain about your coverage for chiropractic care, our team can assist in verifying your insurance and providing information on the extent of your benefits.

What types of pains and conditions can the clinic help address?

Our integrated medical clinic is equipped to address various pains and conditions, including but not limited to back pain, musculoskeletal issues, and other health concerns. To determine how we can assist you specifically, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our healthcare professionals.

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