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Chiropractic Biophysics in Fort Collins, CO

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Advanced Chiropractic Care Technique for Posture Correction.

Most chiropractic doctors utilize traditional or standard methods of treatment to restore alignment to your spine and alleviate painful conditions. While those methods are certainly satisfactory, Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP®) with Square One Health takes pain identification and healing even further.
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What Is Chiropractic BioPhysics?

CBP® is a science-based, highly advanced chiropractic technique that has been proven to correct and restore spinal alignment. Dr. Gubbels is one of only a few CBP-Certified Doctors of Chiropractic in Colorado and one of only a few dozen in the United States.

Chiropractic BioPhysics combines the studies of anatomy, biology, physiology, physics, and geometry to properly pinpoint the causes of your chronic pain, loss of mobility, discomfort, and other ongoing health issues. So what does that mean for you?

CBP vs DC vs MD vs PT
CBP® Doctor of Chiropractic Doctor of Chiropractic Medical Doctor Doctor of Physical Therapy
Education: Total Classroom Hours 4700 hrs 4700 hrs 4550 hrs 3075 hrs
Training on Structural Rehabilitation of the Spine 400+ hrs 0 hrs 0 hrs 0 hrs
Drugs (to hide symptoms)
Surgery (to fuse or remove symptom generator)
Functional Rehabilitation
Adjustments of the spine
Biomechanical Analysis of X-rays
Mirror-Image® Traction to correct the cause of the problem
Mirror-Image® Exercises to correct the cause of the problem
Mirror-Image® Adjustments to correct the cause of the problem

CBP® Relieves Chronic Pain

Throughout many years of scientific research and professional practice, Chiropractic BioPhysics has proven to be the best method of corrective treatment for chronic pain and other conditions resulting from a spinal subluxation.

Your chiropractic doctor will utilize years of medical education and science-based spinal alignment techniques to improve your posture, increase body functions, and determine the root cause of your periodic or chronic pain or discomfort.

Once your chiropractic doctors verify the source of your pain or health concern, he will develop a personalized treatment plan, including adjustments, spinal rehab with specific stretching and strengthening exercises, neuromuscular re-education to retrain posture, traction to restore normal spinal alignment, and a personalized home rehab program.

You’ll get a thorough, initial one-on-one consultation to uncover the cause of your pain and symptoms:

  • Health history
  • Orthopedic evaluation
  • Neurological evaluation
  • Range of motion evaluation
  • Chiropractic joint evaluation
  • X-ray analysis (initial and follow-up)
  • Digital posture analysis with the report (pre- and post-treatment)
  • Leg length screening

We’ll prescribe a personalized maintenance plan that consists of any necessary dietary changes, exercises, and care for home, work or while driving to enhance the results of each office visit. You’ll notice a remarkable difference after your first appointment, and over time we’ll get you on the path to a better, pain-free life so you can resume your normal activities again.

Initially, we’ll focus on relief care – specifically the reduction of your pain and chief health complaints. This first portion of your treatment plan may take 1-4 weeks, including several visits per week. After this initial relief care, our attention then turns to spinal rehabilitation, including exercises, adjustments, and traction. These methods address all issues involved in both spine and posture alignment.

Chiropractic Biophysics in Fort Collins Colorado

How Is CBP® Different from Other Chiropractic Care Techniques?

We’re invested in your ongoing wellness. Standard chiropractic care typically focuses on immediate pain relief. However, the main goal of Chiropractic BioPhysics is to start with your symptoms, relieve your pain, and correct the source of your pain and related health issues. What’s even better – many patients who come to Dr. Gubbels find that as we correct their posture issues, other health conditions tend to improve – or even disappear – as well.

CBP® helps restore the structure of your spine and overall balance to your body. As we age, our bodies become increasingly affected by poor posture habits, gravity, current and past injuries, disease, and improper physical activity. All of these issues contribute to spinal misalignment, which then can cause other health issues.

Some health conditions can be improved by proper spinal alignment:

  • Acid reflux
  • Asthma
  • Ear infections
  • High blood pressure
  • Allergies
  • ADHD
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Leg pain
  • Arm pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disorders

CBP® for Lifelong Health

If one thing is off-kilter in your spine, it can create a domino effect in your body. Your spine is the central part of your body’s operations, including your entire central nervous system that leads directly from your brain and spine to every organ and extremity of your body. Your central nervous system is responsible for your body’s communications and maintenance of other body systems, including your digestive system, cardiovascular system, muscles, organs, mobility, and sexual function.

Through CBP® techniques, Dr. Gubbels is able to transform postural irregularities into optimal posture and spinal alignment. During this process, we’ll keep track of both your improvement and your results.

We’ll also take the time to create a personal plan for your ongoing wellness. We understand that each person is unique, so every health plan is customized for our patient’s individual needs. Through proper alignment, pain relief, and improved bodily function, you’ll find yourself enjoying everyday life once again.

How many chiropractic visits are required for CBP®?

Most patients will find an average of 36 office visits over a three-month period are necessary to correct spinal subluxations that are causing chronic pain or other health issues. Remember, your health conditions and pain have occurred gradually over an extended period of time, so it will take some time to also fix any abnormalities. Many of our patients experience a 75-80% improvement in their chronic pain conditions.



What is Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP®) and how does it differ from traditional chiropractic care?

CBP® is an advanced chiropractic technique that combines the studies of anatomy, biology, physiology, physics, and geometry to precisely identify and correct the causes of chronic pain, loss of mobility, and other health issues related to spinal alignment. Unlike traditional chiropractic care that mainly focuses on immediate pain relief, CBP® aims to correct the source of pain and related health issues by restoring spinal alignment and improving posture.

What qualifications does Dr. Gubbels have to perform CBP®?

Dr. Gubbels is a CBP-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, one of only a few in Colorado and among a select group in the United States. This certification indicates that Dr. Gubbels has undergone specialized training in the CBP® technique and is qualified to perform this advanced method of chiropractic care.

What can I expect during my initial consultation at the Chiropractic Biophysics Clinic?

During your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation that includes a health history review, orthopedic and neurological evaluations, range of motion and chiropractic joint evaluations, X-ray analysis, digital posture analysis with a report, and leg length screening. This thorough assessment helps to uncover the cause of your pain and symptoms, leading to a personalized treatment plan.

What conditions can Chiropractic BioPhysics help improve?

CBP® can help improve a range of conditions that may be associated with spinal misalignments, including acid reflux, asthma, ear infections, high blood pressure, allergies, ADHD, headaches, migraines, gastrointestinal issues, back and neck pain, leg and arm pain, fatigue, and sleep disorders.

How does the treatment process work and how long does it take?

The treatment process begins with relief care to reduce pain and address your chief health complaints, which may take 1-4 weeks with several visits per week. Following relief care, the focus shifts to spinal rehabilitation, which includes exercises, adjustments, and traction to correct spine and posture alignment. Most patients require an average of 36 office visits over a three-month period to correct spinal subluxations.

What are the long-term benefits of undergoing CBP® at your clinic?

The long-term benefits of CBP® include not only pain relief and posture correction but also the restoration of balance to your body’s overall structure. This can lead to improved function of the central nervous system and other body systems, potentially improving a variety of health conditions. Additionally, patients often experience a significant improvement in their chronic pain conditions, with many reporting a 75-80% improvement after treatment.

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