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Headaches are a prevalent and multifaceted condition, impacting a vast majority of the population in Fort Collins and around the globe. The complexity of headaches necessitates a thorough and targeted approach to treatment, as they can stem from a variety of causes ranging from lifestyle factors to underlying medical conditions. The World Health Organization underscores the pervasiveness of this ailment, noting that 50% of adults experience headaches annually, with a staggering 90% reporting a headache at some point in their lives. The impact of headaches extends beyond physical discomfort, affecting personal and professional life, and highlighting the critical need for effective management and treatment strategies.
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Common Symptoms for Headaches

  • Unilateral Head Pain: This type of pain is localized to one side of the head and can be caused by migraines, tension headaches, or other conditions. Accompanying symptoms may include nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, and visual disturbances.
  • Tight Band-like Sensation: This feeling of pressure or tightness around the head is commonly associated with tension headaches or migraines. Other symptoms may include sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, and dizziness.
  • Neck Stiffness: Limited range of motion and discomfort in the neck can be accompanied by headache, dizziness, or shoulder pain. Causes may include muscle strain, poor posture, or injury.
  • Pain Around the Eye: Discomfort or aching in the area surrounding one or both eyes can be caused by eye strain, sinusitis, migraines, or other conditions. Accompanying symptoms may include headache, sensitivity to light or sound, or blurred vision.
  • Nausea: A feeling of discomfort or queasiness in the stomach, often leading to the urge to vomit. It can be accompanied by dizziness, sweating, or abdominal pain.
  • Swelling on the Affected Side: Enlargement or increase in size of an area of the body due to fluid accumulation or inflammation. Causes can range from injury, infection, or chronic disease.

Types of Headaches & Causes

Tension Headaches

Symptoms: Pressing, dull, or tight, band-like sensation around the head.

Causes: Frequently related to forward head posture (FHP), resulting in increased contraction of posterior cervical neck muscles, tightening of anterior cervical neck muscles, hyperextension of upper cervical spine vertebrae, decreased cervical range of motion, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and increased incidence of cervicogenic headaches.

Treatment: Acupuncture, manual therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and treatments aiming to improve head and neck posture, such as chiropractic biophysics.


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Cervicogenic Headaches

Symptoms: Unilateral head pain, pain starting in the upper posterior neck or base of skull, pain triggered by neck movement, pain with sustained awkward positions, decreased cervical range of motion, neck stiffness, pain with palpation of the cervical spine joints, and pain around the eyes.

Causes: Occupational factors, trauma (such as whiplash), underlying medical conditions, structural problems of the cervical spine, cervical spine dysfunction, segmental instabilities, abnormal posture, abnormal spine alignment, and certain medical conditions like tumors, instabilities, fractures, arthritis in the spine, disc degeneration, and loss or reversal of normal cervical lordosis.

Treatment: Spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustments) has shown to significantly decrease headache intensity, frequency, duration, and medication intake.

Cluster Headaches

Symptoms: Pain around the eyes, intense pain in or around the eye that may radiate to other areas of the face, head, and neck, one-sided pain, difficulty sleeping, tearing, eye redness, stuffy or runny nose on the affected side, swelling on the affected side, and sensitivity to light.

Causes: The exact cause is unknown, but there may be some association with the body’s biological clock. Not typically associated with triggers such as food, stress, or hormones.

Treatment: Designed to shorten the length, decrease the pain severity, and prevent cluster headaches. Natural treatments like chiropractic care and lifestyle changes such as developing a regular sleep schedule and avoiding alcohol could potentially help.

Migraine Headaches

Symptoms: Headaches, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, neurological disturbance, difficulty speaking, sensitivity to light, and auras (including blind spots, light flashes, and vision changes).

Causes: Caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Triggers can include emotional stress, physical triggers like insufficient sleep and poor posture, chemical triggers like low blood sugar, alcohol, caffeine, food additives, medications, and hormonal changes around menstrual cycles.

Treatment: Lifestyle changes, managing stress, avoiding food triggers, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, and correction of related problems in the neck through corrective chiropractic care.

Our Treatment Approach

At Square One Health, we recognize the multifaceted nature of headaches and are committed to providing personalized and effective treatment options. Our experienced chiropractors in Fort Collins utilize a natural healthcare approach, addressing both the symptoms and underlying causes of your headaches. Through chiropractic biophysics, we aim to correct postural issues contributing to tension headaches, while specialized chiropractic adjustments target the cervical spine to alleviate cervicogenic headaches. Our goal is to enhance your overall well-being, reduce headache frequency and intensity, and improve your quality of life.

Choosing us for your headache treatment ensures you are opting for a natural solution tailored to your specific needs. Our treatments are designed to address the root cause of your headaches, providing long-lasting relief and improving your overall health. Don’t let headaches dictate your life; take the first step towards a pain-free future. Contact us today at (970) 286-7793 or visit our website to schedule your free consultation.


How can stress contribute to tension headaches?

Stress can lead to muscle tension and contraction, particularly in the neck and scalp, contributing to the onset of tension headaches.

What role does posture play in cervicogenic headaches?

Poor posture can lead to structural imbalances and strain in the neck, potentially resulting in cervicogenic headaches.

Are cluster headaches more common in certain demographics?

Cluster headaches are more commonly reported in men and typically start in individuals aged 20-50.

Can dietary choices trigger migraines?

Yes, certain foods and beverages, such as aged cheeses, red wine, and processed foods, have been identified as potential migraine triggers.

What is the role of chiropractic biophysics in treating headaches?

Chiropractic biophysics focuses on correcting postural imbalances and spinal misalignments, addressing the structural causes of headaches.

How does improving neck function alleviate cervicogenic headaches?

Enhancing neck function through chiropractic adjustments can reduce pain, improve range of motion, and alleviate the symptoms of cervicogenic headaches.

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