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Scoliosis Bracing in Fort Collins, CO

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Bracing For Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis, a three-dimensional deformity of the spine, affects millions worldwide, presenting not just as a cosmetic concern but also as a potential source of pain and functional impairment. Bracing, a cornerstone in non-surgical scoliosis management, has evolved significantly with technological advancements. Square One Health, at the forefront of scoliosis care, embraces these innovations, offering the ScoliBrace—a state-of-the-art solution tailored to halt the progression of scoliosis curves and enhance quality of life.
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Scoliosis Bracing Defined

Scoliosis bracing is a conservative treatment approach designed to prevent the progression of spinal curvature in individuals with scoliosis. The ScoliBrace, a product of cutting-edge research and technology by ScoliCare, represents a paradigm shift in bracing. Unlike traditional braces that apply uniform pressure, the ScoliBrace is a 3D custom-fitted orthosis that delivers targeted support to the spine, adapting to the unique contours of each patient’s anatomy. This personalized bracing strategy aims not just to stabilize but to correct, employing a mirror-image technique to guide the spine gently towards a more natural alignment.

Conditions Treated

The versatility of the ScoliBrace extends across various forms of scoliosis, including infantile, juvenile, and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), as well as congenital and neuromuscular scoliosis. For adults, it offers hope in managing degenerative scoliosis and hyperkyphosis, conditions often accompanied by chronic pain and functional limitations. By addressing these conditions, the ScoliBrace helps alleviate symptoms such as neck and back pain, headaches, shoulder discomfort, and even neurological issues like dizziness or vertigo. Here’s a deeper look at how bracing helps scoliosis at different ages:

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Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis (0-3 years)

In the years of 0-3, the spine is rapidly growing and developing, which can sometimes lead to the early onset of scoliosis. Infantile idiopathic scoliosis is rare and can be challenging to treat due to the delicate nature of a young child’s body. Bracing with ScoliBrace offers a non-invasive treatment option that supports the natural growth of the spine while gently correcting the curvature. The custom-fit design of the ScoliBrace is particularly beneficial for infants, as it can be adjusted to accommodate rapid growth and ensure that the brace remains effective over time without hindering developmental milestones.

Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis (4-10 years)

As children enter their juvenile years, their bodies continue to grow, which can exacerbate existing scoliotic curves. Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis requires vigilant monitoring and an adaptable treatment plan. The ScoliBrace, with its precise 3D customization, is designed to evolve with the child’s growth. It applies corrective pressure at strategic points, improving the likelihood of curve stabilization or reduction during these critical growth phases. The brace’s comfort and the option for personalization also help with compliance, which is crucial for the success of bracing during these formative years.

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (11-18 years)

Adolescence is the most common time for the diagnosis and progression of idiopathic scoliosis. During this period, growth spurts can rapidly increase the degree of spinal curvature. The ScoliBrace is particularly effective for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis because it is designed to manage the curvature actively during growth. By using over-correction bracing techniques, the ScoliBrace can not only prevent further progression but also potentially reduce the curvature. This is a time when self-image is also important, so the discreet and customizable nature of the ScoliBrace can be especially appealing to teenagers, encouraging adherence to the treatment plan.

Adult Scoliosis

Adult scoliosis encompasses both individuals who have lived with the condition since childhood and those who develop it later in life. In adults, the goals of bracing shift towards pain relief, halting progression, and improving quality of life rather than correction of the curve. The ScoliBrace offers a tailored fit that can accommodate the unique challenges of adult scoliosis, such as spinal degeneration and asymmetry. For adults, the brace is designed to provide stability to the affected regions, alleviate pain, and allow for a more active lifestyle. The ScoliBrace’s ease of use and comfort are particularly beneficial for adults who may be dealing with other age-related health issues.

Scoliosis Fort Collins

Our Treatment Approach

At our clinic in Fort Collins, the journey with ScoliBrace begins with a comprehensive consultation, where patients are evaluated for their suitability for the brace. The process involves a detailed 3D BraceScan, capturing the precise dimensions of the spinal curvature. This data, along with digital x-rays and clinical information, is sent to ScoliCare, where the custom brace is designed using advanced computer analysis. The resulting ScoliBrace is manufactured with precision, ensuring a fit that is not only effective in managing scoliosis but also comfortable for daily wear.

Choosing us for scoliosis management means opting for a treatment that is at the intersection of comfort, aesthetics, and efficacy. The ScoliBrace, with its front-opening design, ease of wear, and array of personalization options, ensures that patients do not have to compromise on their lifestyle. Moreover, the ongoing support and follow-up care provided by our team ensures that each patient’s journey towards spinal health is closely monitored and adjusted as needed. Take the first step towards a better spine; schedule your consultation at Square One Health today.


What makes ScoliBrace different from traditional braces?

ScoliBrace stands apart with its 3D custom-fit design, which is tailored to the individual’s spinal curvature, providing targeted correction and support. Traditional braces often apply uniform pressure, which can be less effective and less comfortable.

Can ScoliBrace be used for all types of scoliosis?

ScoliBrace is versatile and can be used for various scoliosis types, including idiopathic, congenital, neuromuscular, and adult degenerative scoliosis, as well as for conditions like hyperkyphosis.

Is the ScoliBrace noticeable under clothing?

The ScoliBrace is designed with modern materials that make it less bulky and more discreet under clothing, allowing for a more confident and comfortable experience.

How often do I need to wear my ScoliBrace?

The wearing schedule for your ScoliBrace will be personalized based on your condition’s severity and your treatment goals. This can range from only at night to full-time wear, with adjustments made over time.

What can I expect during my ScoliBrace consultation?

During your consultation, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if ScoliBrace is right for you, followed by a 3D BraceScan for precise measurements, leading to the design and creation of your custom brace.

Will I need surgery if I have a ScoliBrace?

The goal of the ScoliBrace is to prevent the need for surgery by stabilizing and reducing the progression of the scoliosis curve. However, surgery may be considered if the curvature progresses beyond certain thresholds.

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