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About Square One Health

Who are we?

At Square One Health we take a different approach to health and healing. One that focuses on empowering you with knowledge, support, and personalized care to help you achieve your specific health goals, whether you seek to eliminate pain, improve posture, correct deformities or prevent the onset or progression of the spine and joint-related issues in the future. We are a medically integrated practice that takes a team approach to provide highly personalized and comprehensive care that centers on physical medicine including therapeutic rehab for spine and joints, regenerative medicine, and chiropractic care. Our program uses advanced diagnostics and targeted treatment and therapies to produce predictable, reproducible, and measurable results that help you move away from pain and limitations towards improved function, health, and overall wellness.

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inside the Square One Health Clinic in Fort Collins, CO.

Unlike standardized care which typically requires patients to conform to a predetermined protocol, our program is tailored to you and your specific health needs. We begin by listening and taking the time to fully understand where your story starts, how you and your body got to this point and the health and wellness goals you hope to achieve. From there, we help you embark on a new beginning that leads to better health and wellness through personalized treatment and support.

At Square One Health, we believe that helping our patients achieve the best outcomes requires us to be at our very best as well. So, we continuously strive to deepen our expertise, perfect our approach and advance our capabilities at every opportunity. We regularly consult with leading experts and specialists in key areas of care from around the world to provide the best diagnostic and treatment therapies. Most importantly, we listen to and learn from every patient we work with and every challenge we help you confront. From beginning to new beginning, our goal is to consistently seek out and provide the best, most effective healing solutions that help you achieve better health for life.