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Navigating the path of scoliosis treatment presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to non-surgical options. With the advent of advanced methodologies and the opening of new specialized centers like the ScoliCare scoliosis center in Denver, patients now have access to a breadth of non-invasive treatments that promise a better quality of life without the need for surgery. Dr. Chris Gubbels and the Square One Health team, in its continuous effort to guide patients through their scoliosis journey, underscores the importance of selecting the right specialist. Here, we outline five critical criteria to consider when choosing a provider for non-surgical scoliosis treatment options:

  1. Specialized Training in Scoliosis-Specific Exercise Methods

A cornerstone of effective scoliosis management is exercise tailored to address the unique curvature of the spine. Providers should be trained in one of the following scoliosis-specific exercise methodologies: ScoliBalance, Schroth, or SEAS. Each of these approaches offers a set of exercises designed to strengthen and correct the spine’s alignment through personalized exercise regimes. ScoliBalance is a newer methods that combines the best aspects of several methods including Schroth, SEAS and Chiropractic BioPhysics.

  1. Expertise in Custom Bracing

Another pivotal aspect of non-surgical scoliosis treatment is the use of custom-made braces, such as ScoliBrace. These braces are tailored to the individual’s curvature, offering targeted support and correction. Bracing is a critical piece in treating many cases of scoliosis, more severe and/or aggressive curves are not likely to have a positive outcome without proper bracing.  Providers with training in crafting these custom solutions can significantly impact the management and progression of scoliosis.

  1. Membership with SOSORT

Choosing a provider who is a member of the International Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) ensures adherence to the highest standards of care. SOSORT is establishes the guidelines for the best and most effective non-surgical treatment options for scoliosis and spine deformities.  SOSORT members follow rigorously developed treatment guidelines, ensuring that patients receive care that is both current and evidence-based.  Going to a provider that is a member of SOSORT helps ensure the most appropriate treatments will be provided.

  1. Chiropractic Qualifications

For patients considering chiropractic care as part of their treatment plan, selecting a chiropractor who is advanced certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) or CLEAR methods is essential. These certifications indicate a deep understanding of scoliosis and the use of specialized techniques to address spinal curvature effectively.  Chiropractic adjustments along can help improve mobility and decrease pain, but they have not been shown effective in improving or slowing the progression of scoliosis curves.  Many providers certified in CBP and CLEAR are also trained in custom bracing like ScoliBrace.

  1. Scoliosis World Masters Course Completion

A bonus criterion to consider is whether the provider has completed the Scoliosis World Masters Course by ISICO. This advanced training provides practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of scoliosis treatment, blending the latest research with practical, hands-on techniques to manage and treat scoliosis. This year-long intensive course invites the top experts internationally on the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis and spine deformities as instructors.

Embracing a New Beginning with a ScoliCare Clinic in Denver

The opening of the ScoliCare scoliosis center in Denver represents a new horizon for non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Dr. Gubbels was the first provider in Colorado to be trained in and provided Scoliobrace.  Over the years Square One Health has become well known for its scoliosis treatment.  In 2023 Dr. Gubbels received the opportunity Square One Health’s commitment to providing specialized care that meets these five criteria ensures that patients receive the most advanced, personalized, and effective treatments available.

Coming Soon

ScoliCare Denver will be open to see patients beginning on April 15th, 2024.  ScoliCare is the is a world leader in evidence-based, non-surgical scoliosis and kyphosis treatment through innovation, research and education.  We look forward to providing cutting-edge scoliosis treatment in Denver and for people throughout Colorado and surrounding states.

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