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Nobody should live with chronic pain in there neck in Fort Collins Colorado

With the ever-increasing use of computers and portable electronic devices, the prevalence of neck pain is reaching new highs every year. There are likely over 50,000 people living with neck pain in Fort Collins with epidemiological studies showing up to 40% of the population experiences neck pain within a year with higher incidence in office and computer workers.  Additionally, women experience chronic neck pain more frequently than men.  Many people don’t do anything about their pain allowing it to become chronic and unmanageable. Neck pain frequently becomes so persistent and unrelenting, it can affect every aspect of daily life.

No one should have to tolerate persistent neck pain. Frequently, once the true underlying cause of the pain is identified proper treatment can lead to long term resolution of the symptoms. At Square ONE in Fort Collins, CO, we provide a customized solution to your neck pain, based on its underlying cause and the kinds of symptoms you’re experiencing. Here are some things you should know about neck pain.

Common causes of neck pain

Most people have an underlying spinal problem causing them to get pain. These problems can be caused by several things:

  • Whiplash Injury– this happens when your neck is jolted violently and suddenly, back and forth, frequently causing injury to the connective tissues of the spine.
  • Loss of cervical curve – the cervical spine normally has a reversed C-shaped curve. The loss or reduction of this cervical curve frequently causes neck pain.
  • Poor posture – forward head posture puts increased stress on the posterior cervical muscles, vertebral joints and disc.
  • Sports injuries– many athletes develop sore necks after experiencing some kind of trauma to the neck area.
  • Poor ergonomics– The position you are in during work-related activities, such as computer use can change the alignment of your spine.
  • Spine degeneration– over a long period of time, your neck joints can wear down. This is commonly called arthritis and is commonly associated with neck pain.
  • Subluxations – individual spinal vertebrae and get locked up an lose their normal movement. This loss of movement in the vertebral joints triggers stress signals called nociception that can cause pain.
  • Instabilities – Instabilities are when the joint develop excessive motions, typically after a trauma that damages the ligaments responsible for providing stability to the spine.
  • Stress and anxiety– when you become stressed, it’s likely that some of the body’s major muscle groups will knot up including the neck area.
  • Poor sleeping position– this is a very common trigger for neck pain, because sleeping in an awkward position can aggravate the underlying problem
  • Pinched nerve– many people develop pinched nerves as a result of neck arthritis, bulging disks, or bone spurs


Diagnosis for neck pain

At your initial visit to Square ONE, your doctor will ask you to complete a thorough health history as well as undergo a comprehensive physical exam. Based on the findings of the history and exam, our doctors will take any necessary X-rays to identify the underlying cause of your pain. Finding the underlying cause is obviously the most important step in discovering the treatment methods to best correct the problem.

Even if it may seem to not be related to your neck pain, you should discuss all recent and old traumas or injuries to your neck, so your doctor can more accurately find the impact of those old injuries on your spine.

Specific treatment programs for neck pain will always depend on the diagnosis, so doctors will try to narrow down the cause of your pain with several diagnostic tools.

Treatment for neck pain

Pending the outcome of your diagnostic tests, a customized corrective chiropractic plan will be designed for your case. In order to alleviate symptoms and also correct the underlying cause of your problems, we will utilize a combination of the following approaches:

  • Specific spine adjustments
  • Spine traction (spine remolding to reshape the spine towards its normal alignment)
  • Rehabilitation methods
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Heat or ice therapy
  • Home exercises and rehab
  • Ergonomic recommendations.

Whether you have just been injured in a motor vehicle crash or you have been suffering from chronic neck pain, please contact us at Square ONE in Fort Collins, Colorado. We have had a great deal of tremendous success in getting our patients back to a pain free life and we are confident that we can help you as well.

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