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Wellington Colorado Chiropractor

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Wellington, CO, you need look no further than Square ONE Health, the premier chiropractic care facility in the region. Square ONE is operated by one of the best chiropractors in the state, Dr. Chris Gubbels, and he has already helped thousands of residents achieve a better state of whole-body wellness. Using years of academic knowledge and more years of professional experience, Dr. Gubbels has healed a great many people suffering from back injuries, migraines, spinal misalignments, and various other body ailments through his skillful manipulations of the muscle and tissue surrounding the spinal column.

Chiropractic care seeks to address the underlying issue of any injury, rather than simply treating the observable symptoms. Pain-killers and medications might reduce the pain and discomfort associated with an injury, but they do nothing to correct the true cause of the injury. That’s where chiropractic care excels, because before any treatment is considered, the real cause of the problem is diagnosed so that proper care can be delivered and an effective cure can be addressed. Chiropractic care considers any injury in the context of the whole body, because all bodily systems are inter-connected, and they all affect each other.

Why Square ONE is your best choice for Wellington, CO

There might be other chiropractic care clinics which you could choose, but we believe your best choice is right here at Square ONE Health, for a number of reasons. The first reason is that we are the only clinic which has Dr. Gubbels practicing, and that is probably the best reason to choose us. Then too, we are a forward-thinking facility which makes good use of modern technology to assist in the diagnosis of your issue, and this helps us to really pinpoint the specific area which has an issue.

We are also a very patient-centric facility, meaning that we consider the main focus of our daily routine to be the patient. That means everything we do is centered around making the patient more comfortable and doing everything possible to bring about a greater state of wellness and whole-body health. Right from the time of your first consultation, we listen and ask questions about what you’re feeling, before we event think about any program of treatment. Then we’ll discuss some options with you, and let you make the final choice about how you want to proceed.

Services offered at Square ONE

We offer a wide variety of services at our chiropractic care facility, and if you don’t see your specific issue on the list below, please contact us to discuss whether your injury can be improved or cured altogether by our skilled chiropractic team.

  • prenatal chiropractic care
  • pediatric chiropractic care
  • persistent headaches and migraines
  • lower back pains, shoulder pains, and neck pains which persist longer than a few days
  • sciatica
  • scoliosis
  • sports injuries
  • whiplash and other auto injuries
  • maintenance program for wellness
  • any kind of spinal misalignments which have occurred
  • poor posture

Chiropractic care in Wellington, Colorado

When you come to see us for an initial consultation, we will discuss with you the medical history of your family as well as yourself, since all that can have a bearing on your current status. Then we will ask some specific questions regarding your current condition, to try and narrow down the source of any issues you may be having. After that, we will diagnose the underlying problem with the help of some technologically advanced equipment which can identify the area which is being affected.

Once we know what is causing you all the pain and discomfort, we can discuss with you some possible approaches and treatment programs. When you are fully informed about the issue and the best way to handle it, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision about how to proceed. From that point on, it’s simply a matter of working with our skilled team to help you achieve your wellness objectives, and restoring a sense of balance to your daily life.

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Customer Reviews

See What Our Customers Love About Us

Posture Correction in Wellington, CO, 80549


“I’ve been going there since January. I definitely notice a difference in my posture. Dr. Chris, Brent and Diana are awesome. Brent truly cares about his patients and is actively engaged.”

– June Bredehoft

Back Pain Relief in Wellington, CO, 80549


“After being involved in an accident with a semi truck I was referred to Square One for my neck and back injuries. Dr. Chris did a thorough evaluation and carefully put together a treatment plan specifically for me. This staff in this office is amazing and are also dedicated to helping their patients understand what’s expected to make a quick recovery! Thank you doctor Chris!”

– Miranda Trujillo

Neck Pain Treatment in Wellington, CO, 80549


“I have been to chiropractors on and off for years, and the team and approach at Square One is truly unique and effective. I have experienced relief from my presenting problem (neck pain), as well as improvements in many unexpected ways – increased energy, decreased leg pain with activity, eliminated arm and finger pain, improvement with hormones, and on and on. They truly work as a team and are care about helping each client with their individual needs. Go meet with them!”

– Lisa Vencill

Weight Loss in Wellington, CO, 80549


“After my car accident I went to a chiropractor for almost a year and remained in horrible pain. Then, I switched to Square One. Dr Chris immediately did multiple complex testing and got to the root cause of my unresolved pain. He is very educated on the impact of trauma and how to treat it, while other places have a palliative approach. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Diana is amazing. I highly recommend Square One!”

– Sonseeahray Bury

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Wellington, CO, 80549


“Dr. Chris is great and one of the best!”

– Jim Hauan

Auto Injury Care in Wellington, CO, 80549


“I have been going to Square One for 3 months now and I really notice a difference. I’ve been to chiropractors for years, but he is the first one who has really helped. The whole staff is very friendly and genuinely interested in their clients. I am standing taller, have way less pain and am very happy with my decision.”

– judi bredehoft

Sciatica Care in Wellington, CO, 80549


“I have never been to a chiropractor previously and was somewhat tepid being in my 70th year.From the moment you walk in with Diana at the front desk to Dr. Chris and his staff you are made to feel totally comfortable.Even after leaving the premises I would receive a call at home asking how I felt.Each day I am beginning to feel better and better.Thank you all”

– Harvey Gladman

Scoliosis Care in Wellington, CO, 80549


“Awesome staff with the patients best interests in mind. Working with Dr. Chris has significantly reduced pain I’ve experienced in my lumbar spine area.”

– Mark Monroe

Chiropractic Treatment in Wellington, CO, 80549


“I was dealing with chronic back pain for a few years. After going to Square one for 3 months my back pain is gone and my quality of life has improved tremendously. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable as well.”

– Jared Bohm

Pediatric Care in Wellington, CO, 80549


“Friendly, professional and the atmosphere was pleasant.”

– Rico Soto

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