From Beginning to New Beginning.


Square ONE helps you achieve whole body health and wellness with
advanced spinal correction therapies and personalized chiropractic care.






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We begin by listening and taking the time to fully understand where your story starts—how you and your body got to this point and the health and wellness goals you hope to achieve.

From there, we help you embark on a new beginning that leads to better health and wellness through personalized treatment and support.



At Square ONE, we believe that helping our patients achieve the best outcomes requires us to be at our very best as well. So we continuously strive to deepen our expertise, perfect our approach and advance our capabilities at every opportunity.  We regularly consult with experts and specialists in key areas of care from around the world to provide the best diagnostic techniques and treatment therapies. Most importantly, we listen to and learn from every patient we work with and every challenge we help you confront. From beginning to new beginning, our goal is to constantly seek out and provide the best, most effective healing solutions that help you achieve better health for life.

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Exceptional Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain Relief, Spine Correction and Intensive Scoliosis Treatment

At Square ONE, we take a different approach to health and healing—one that focuses on empowering you with knowledge, support and personalized care that help you achieve your specific health goals, whether you seek to eliminate pain, improve posture, correct deformities or prevent the onset or progression of spinal-related issues in the future. Led by Dr. Chris Gubbels, a certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner who specializes in spinal health, our team uses a highly personalized and comprehensive approach that centers on Chiropractic BioPhysics—the most proven therapy for non-surgical spinal correction. Our program uses advanced diagnostics and targeted treatment and therapies to produce predictable, reproduceable and measurable results that help you move away from pain and other limitations toward spinal health and overall wellness.


Chronic Pain Relief.

For those suffering from neck pain, back pain, migraine headaches, muscle soreness, joint pain or other chronic pain.

For many people, the journey to better health and wellness begins with a desire to alleviate pain or other issue caused by injury, illness or other factors that have compromised spinal health, form or function. Yet all too often, many people find their options in this pursuit are limited to medication aimed solely at symptom relief or high-risk invasive procedures. We have a better way—Let us help. Call us today!

From Beginning to New Beginning


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