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Windsor Colorado Chiropractor

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Windsor, CO? Fortunately for you, there’s an outstanding chiropractic clinic located in the area called Square ONE Health, and it’s headed up by one of the premier chiropractors in the state, Dr. Chris Gubbels. Dr. Gubbels has made chiropractic care his life’s work, after discovering for himself as a young man how chiropractic treatment could speed his recovery from a wrestling injury. Where other more traditional treatments accomplished very little, chiropractic treatment had him back to normal soon after he began treatments. That convinced him of the value and benefits which could be obtained through chiropractic care.

Now Dr. Gubbels passes on many of those same benefits to his patients, after having learned a great deal about the practice since his wrestling days. After a decade of academic pursuit, and after having earned numerous certifications for special areas of knowledge, Dr. Gubbels has become one of the most knowledgeable and competent practitioners in the field. If you’re searching for a skilled chiropractor in the Windsor area, look no further than Square ONE Health, and let the skilled professionals there handle whatever your health issue may be.

Importance of chiropractic care for Windsor Colorado

Your body is made up of 24 independent vertebrae in the spine, and they are responsible for carrying out many of the simplest and most intricate body movements you execute each day, for instance all the twisting, bending, and other normal motions. Your spine is also tasked with protecting the critical nerves and tissue inside it which deliver all the messages from the brain, and which coordinate all your body movements. That makes your spine one of the most vital structures in the entire body, and one which you should pay great attention to.

Unfortunately, many people disregard the actions of the spine until they produce back pains or some other kind of discomfort which simply will not go away. Any kind of misalignment of those delicate vertebrae in your spine can cause some serious impacts on how you feel, and how you function every day. It can cause a loss of mobility, and it can make you aware of significant pain and discomfort in the area around the back and its immediate vicinity. This is when most people realize they need the help of a chiropractor, because that is the particular specialty of a chiropractor, i.e. to diagnose and treat any ailments affecting the spine or tissue surrounding it.

Why choose Square ONE in Windsor, CO?

In addition to the fact that there is a highly skilled and trained staff at the facility, you should also choose Square ONE because of the attitude and the approach they take to wellness. Here are some of the reasons why Square ONE should be your first choice for chiropractic care:

  • no drugs will be used and no surgeries will be performed – instead, a whole-body approach will be used, and after relieving interfering
  • pressures, it will allow the body to heal itself
  • modern technology is used in the diagnosis of your issue, so it can be pinpointed and treated properly
  • all patients are treated like family, and are not just a number in the record books
  • with regular treatments, a whole catalog of health benefits will accrue to the patient
  • your body will be maintained in a balanced, flexible, and whole state of wellness
  • the underlying cause of any problem will be treated, rather than simply masking the symptoms so they reappear later on
  • everyone from infants on up to senior citizens can benefit from the chiropractic care offered at Square ONE
  • wellness plans are affordable for most budgets, so treatment is within your reach

There may be other chiropractic care facilities in the area around Windsor, CO, but you won’t find one with a more knowledgeable and friendly staff, and one which is more committed to helping you achieve your optimal state of wellness. Contact us at Square ONE today, to begin your journey to wellness.